The Twelfth Tribulation

A Story of the Civil War

An ancient Celtic curse haunts an Irish Confederate general…

In the waning days of 1864, Private Broody Dugan staggers with General Hood’s Confederate army toward the sleepy Tennessee town of Franklin. Awaiting them is an entrenched Union force determined to fight the battle that will end the war.

Chased from burning Atlanta, Broody and his ragged rebel comrades are desperate for a miracle. As the two armies converge, Broody is chosen for a crucial mission: He must elude Yankee snipers to deliver an urgent order to his Irish hero, General Patrick Cleburne, the Stonewall of the West.

Before the sun sets, an ancient warrior legend reveals a prophetic curse and ensnares Broody and Cleburne in a Celtic circle of fate set in motion centuries ago by their Irish forefathers.

This short story of historical fiction (12 pages/5200 words) brings to life again the most unappreciated officer of the Confederacy with a fictional imagining of the last pivotal moments before the Civil War’s deadliest charge.